We interviewed Brendan Crain from Neighborland about his project What Would You Love to See on the LES?, on view at the IDEAS CITY StreetFest on May 4.

IDEAS CITY, a biennial Festival in New York City from May 1 – May 4, explores the future of cities around the globe with the belief that arts and culture are essential to the vitality of urban centers, making them better places to live, work, and play. This year’s theme is Untapped Capital, with participants focused on resources that are under-recognized or underutilized in our cities. Learn more at

Neighborland will be presenting its first New York City “idea board” installation as part of IDEAS CITY 2013. The idea board is essentially a community whiteboard that prompts neighbors to share their ideas for what they’d like to see in a given neighborhood—in this case, in the Lower East Side. 

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